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My First Blog

July 13, 2012

So today, Friday the 13th, 2012 I have decided to become a blogger. I don’t think I had even heard that word and certainly didn’t understood its meaning until the movie “Julie and Julia” came out in 2009. I was amazed by Julie’s headlong plunge into the exotic and esoteric world of fine French cuisine in Julia Child’s famous book, but even more amazed that she was going to sit down and write about every single recipe until she had cooked all 524 of them! And they called that “blogging.” Ah! I finally got it, but was still puzzled over all the fuss and hoopla as I began to hear the word more and more often in everyday conversation. After all, it was nothing more than writing an essay or a short story and I had pretty much mastered those back in jr. high.

Yep, I was the weird girl whose favorite subject was English and who adored diagramming sentences to boot! They were intriguing little mysteries for me to solve and the longer the sentence and more complex the usage, the better.  

In high school I jumped at the chance to work on the yearbook and in my senior year became the copy editor. Oh how I pored over those pages, time and time and time again until I was sick to death of them and knew them in my sleep. I am quite sure that if you check out the “Badger” from 1969 (yes, I grew up in Wisconsin, the Badger state….and you thought it was the dairy state, didn’t you?!), you will find it to be 100% grammatically correct. Of course my own Badger from that year is filled from cover to cover with a lot of non-grammatically correct stuff too… the written good wishes of all my best friends….girlfriends I never wanted to say good bye to and whose 18 year old gushy, sugary sweet, naieve notes still bring me giggles of joy 43 years later. Boyfriends, romantic and otherwise, whose heartfelt, messy messages make me laugh and cry and remember. And then there are the one phrasers. ”Been nice knowin you….good luck.” When I look at those I am not even sure I remember their authors!

But then my life took a different path when I chose to take a two year RN course in college. I never came up for air until graduation day. The only writing I did those two years was on tests and more tests!

After that love, marriage, and a baby carriage…..two in fact…..boys….seven years apart; my pride and joy; the finest accomplishments of my life. No time for writing for a couple decades there!

But now my friends keep bugging me to write, write, write. My soul sister up in Missoula challenged me to try poetry. I did. I love it. A few poems have even been published, but if you could see the reject pile next to the published pile you will understand why you will never see the name “Helen Carson”  (that’s me), as the country’s next poet laureate.

Another almost sister says I should write children’s books? Why? My darling, sweet, adorable soon to be three grandaughter  just picked up stakes and moved lock, stock, and barrel from California, where I landed 26 years ago, to Washington DC. She took her parents with her so now I am doubly teary eyed and mournful. My friend says I should write a book entitled, “Gabriela Goes to Washington.” But I’m not there. How do I know what she is up to between Skype sessions? She could be invading the White House, stopping trains in Union Station, lobbying on Capitol Hill, or riding an elephant at the National Zoo. Yes, she is that kind of kid! Stand by. I may not write a book but you can be sure I will keep tabs on that child over the next 25 years!

A friend who knows I am a three time breast cancer survivor says I should write a book about that. I almost did. I have chapter outlines…..and a title, “When A Nurse Cries”, but it seemed so melancholy and frankly, it’s been done….more than once. I gave that idea up and relegated the whole thing to a poem. It’s been published!

And then there is Amee. Amee is the wife of my cousin Michael, a soon to be Lt. Colonel in the army. Amee is afraid of nothing and takes on the world as the fierce and loving mom of three kids under six….one of whom has autism and other special needs challenges. Amee has a beautiful blog. Check it out at Amee has been nagging me to blog. And you don’t say “no” to Amee!

So I have finally given in to this cacophony of friends and family who insist that I should put pen to paper…..or at least finger to keyboard. So here I am. Come follow along with me and let’s see where this takes us. I promise nothing other than fairly regular communication and hopefully a lot of laughs. It’s serious business being a grandma these days. It doesn’t happen to the young. And you know what they say about the not young. Well, we won’t dwell on that. Besides it’s only numbers and you know they can be skewed any way you like!

Happy Weekend from the Chatty Grandma

Helen Carson









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  1. If you just google I will pop up and then you can put me in your favorites and find me every day.

  2. Shannon permalink

    Blog away momma! I love it, just don’t put anything embarrassing about your eldest! Lol

  3. Bobbie Stovall permalink

    Amee must be a distant relative of the Grandma in blog 3, huh?

  4. Elfling permalink

    Love this. Looking forward to reading to reading your blog!!!

  5. Sharon permalink

    Just got home from camping in Sequoia National Park and am checking emials. What a lovely surprise to see you’re blogging!!!!!! That’s fantastic. I love todays, your neighbors are a hoot!!!! Good luck, and keep at it, my dear Friend. Lots of love, Sharon

  6. KenO permalink

    The dates on the blog, where they put there by you or the website? The dates are July 13, 14, 15 and today is the 16th so I am trying to figure out the weeks delay you referred to. Or maybe the posting just showed up today and the delay was only three days. Pegs has been asking me why people blog and how it differs from Twitter and if either would be used to help promote a business or if it is just for personal use.
    By the way, I am the one in class who hated English courses. Math and Science I loved because there were rules to follow and you can rely on those rules. English has to rules and basically you can do anything you want. Everytime I write something I am told it is not right. When I quote the rule from a book, the reply is always “that is an exception and does not apply here.” English courses, bah humbug I say. Give me Math and Science any day.

    • The delay was simply a big mis-understanding on my part of how this website works. There was very little delay. As for the difference between a blog and twitter……..I don’t know since I don’t do twitter and as I said in my second blog I am a Chatty Grandma, not a computer expert! 🙂 I do know that people blog for all sorts of reasons, but I think mostly as a creative outlet and a way to share your own ideas with the world. However, you certainly can make money by blogging, but I haven’t learned all of those details yet either. I have a cousin who makes several hundred dollars per month by blogging and she has friends who make several thousand. When I start making thousands per month on my blog I will let all of my readers know the tricks! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog!

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