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Second blog ever

July 14, 2012

I’m back! Yesterday I posted my first ever blog and excitedly waited to see how many people read it or left any comments. BOO HOO! Not a one!  Hmmmm. Why? I didn’t have  a clue. I typed in my URL over and over but nothing came up. I tried to find a phone number for WordPress, the company that is hosting my blog and although they have a large and fairly user friendly website I couldn’t find a phone number for customer support. I went to bed baffled. This morning I spent more time on their site and found a user forum. I posted my question there and got several answers. Turns out that Google will not “index” a blog for 4-6 weeks. I am not sure what that means but assume it means I won’t show up on the internet for 4-6 weeks. Seems strange to me. I did pay for my URL after all. Why the heck wouldn’t it show up? Other comments said I need to blog more. One person sent me a link to a site that told me 12 reasons why my blog was not showing up. Trouble is I don’t understand any of the 12 reasons. Good grief, folks, my name should say it all. I am a Chatty Grandma…not a computer whiz, geek, programmer, IT tech, or anything closely related to a person who understands computer talk and Planet Internet!

An hour ago my sister called. She said “So what are you blogging about?” I said “Oh just stuff……whatever interests me on any given day…, friends, food, travel, art, you know! I sent you my first blog via email. Didn’t you read it?” “No,” she said, “Paul (her husband) saw it on Facebook.” “On Facebook”? I said, “you gotta be kiddin me!!!!!” “No,” she said, “that’s what he told me, that you were now blogging.”

So of course now I am totally and utterly confused. I went to my Facebook timeline and sure enough, there is my blog from yesterday with comments from several of my Facebook friends.  How it got there is truly beyond me, but at least a few folks actually have seen it.

Don’t laugh. At 61 years old I grew up with paper, pencil, eraser, and a box of crayons…..and no cell phone! Wonder of wonders, I not only survived but went on to graduate from high school and then college and then even graduate school long after I became a Grandma! So I believe myself to be a fairly intelligent person. That is I did until the internet came along and turned my brain upside down and inside out. My grade school son taught me how to use a computer. That was some time ago now! I even had a job where my office was in Washington DC, but I worked from home here in California. I learned how to do all sorts of things on the computer then, most important of which was doing a timecard online so I could get paid. I never once missed a paycheck!

So I know I am trainable! I WILL figure this out and one of these days you WILL be able to type  into the URL line on your computer and find me. I promise. I guess it may take a month or so, but maybe some magical cyberspace miracle will occur and you will find me again on Facebook. 

In the meantime Happy Saturday. I hope it is cooler in your neck of the woods than mine.

Still The Chatty Grandma…



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  1. Don’t stress, just blog and they will come! Plus you’ll be sending people from Facebook!

  2. Thanks Candy. I think you are my only friend who is also doing a blog. I love to write but the technical details really do baffle me. I am just glad I figured out how to get my posts to Facebook!

  3. Jeannie Lindberg permalink

    My son Jason is doing a blog, sparebulb .. . . I love these Helen, keep it up. I saw it on facebook last night as I was heading to bed, so just read both your blogs now.

  4. Shannon permalink

    Love you Mom! The Internet might have it in for you, but I love you!!!

  5. Bev permalink

    From a fellow grandma: Keep it coming, fantastic fist start!!! I knew you’d have a lot to say and know how to say it. Now if I could only figure out how to ‘bookmark’ your blog?

  6. Bobbie Stovall permalink

    Love your blog, Helen! I have long envied your gift of writing, and now will just enjoy it, and wish that we lived closer and could go to lunch, go shopping, or just hang out! Wish I could become friends w/ your interesting neighbors……what a hoot!! Ah, I think that I am a bit ahead of the blog w/ that comment, tho.

  7. I just typed in “” and your blog came up. No need to wait a few days.

  8. ESA permalink

    Hi my dear friend,
    I love reading your blog….it is like having lunch with you! I mean, I wish I could have lunch with you in real life, but if not, well your writings keep you close to me!
    Don’t give up… is great!
    Your neigborhood reminds me of my neighborhood! My house was built in 1956….but it is home and I love it! Many interesting people that remind me that life is good!

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