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The Collection…

July 25, 2012

The Collection


“Head vases” they are called in the trade

Popular flower vases of yesteryear

Molded by the thousands I suppose,

Most broken now or long forgotten

But age has been kind to the sheer white

Ladies who parade across my dresser

Vying with each other for front row billing


Elegant women with sweeping hair dos

Slender necks under broad brim hats

Glamour girls, Hollywood dreams

Veiled holy women too, school girls, and

Tiny cherubs make up my motley crowd

Unadorned but for the makers molds

Unalloyed patina, stark white, pure


But in their day, such panache!

Spilling riotous color, blossoms of every hue

Centerpieces to the nation, dinner parties

Large and small, summer picnics, Christmas

Glitter, celebration, any occasion

The head vase ladies reigned supreme

Someday I’ll fill them all,

and throw a party too.


Come join me……Chatty Grandma


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One Comment
  1. jeannie lindberg permalink

    Hurrah! I love it. I can see them all.

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