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Tribute to Friendship

July 29, 2012

To All The Girls I Love

Just young kids, really

When we met so long ago

Full of fear and hope,

Dreams that shaped our worlds


In that immortal innocence

Walked the campus new

Strangers every one of us

Said our first hellos


Giggles, life, and homework

Were shared among us all

Boys and clothes and hair dos

Chapel, class, and work


Our life became routine

Content among our friends

Seasons came and went

Graduation day too soon


Now forty years have passed

Innocence is gone

But hope and fear and dreams

Within our hearts still live


Wisconsin Academy girls

Grown up women we became

Mothers, aunts, and grandmas

     Today and always….the girls I love!Image


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  1. Elfling permalink

    I wish we had been friends at WA but I sure cherish your friendship now!!!

  2. Jeannie Lindberg permalink

    Love the picture!! and the poem .. .

  3. Beverly Brandstater permalink

    Those were the days, my friend…we thought they’d never end. Oh, to role back the hands of time and relive just a day!

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