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August 5, 2012

My day was going so well. I was working on birthday gifts for my twin grandaughters who will turn 3 on August 22 and was smiling to myself about my kids and grandkids. I even skyped with my other soon to be 3 year old grandaughter and her giggles as she showed me that she had learned how to do a somersault were priceless.

Then I opened my email to find a note along with a link to a major news network story in Phoenix telling me that a professional friend and colleague of mine had been killed along with her 6 children in a fiery crash on the freeway Thursday. They had been going to Phoenix to buy school clothes and supplies when a semi truck crossed the median and hit them head on. Their van exploded into flames.

Lanna, a beautiful Navajo woman, had been the Head Start Director of two of the programs that I did consulting for, although in the past few years she had been a tribal council member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes and a highly respected member of the small Native American community in which she and her family lived. She was just 51. Her children ranged in age from 6 to 20.

There are no words to describe this kind of loss. May the Great Spirit of Lanna’s faith bring comfort to her remaining family and friends and may they remember the joy that she brought to so many.

When You Are Gone


Illusive light

Essential to

Painters, architects

And you


Illusive light

Face  of

Spirited genius

Wild passion


Illusive light

Afraid of dark

Dances the

Aurora borealis


Illusive light

Shades are drawn

Dark shadow hides

Your face from me

       Sadly this afternoon, Chatty Grandma


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  1. jeannie lindberg permalink

    So sorry my friend!

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