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The Sounds of Silence

August 22, 2012

It is another hot summer afternoon here in the Southland. Things are quiet. Not much happening, really. I have just finished glancing through some email and was thinking about how quiet it was around here. But then I went to the kitchen for a drink of water and heard my fountain bubbling away in the back yard. I peered out the window to see two pair of yellow finches light on the edge and begin their elaborate bathing rituals complete with loud chips and chirps and whatever the noises they make are called! It is not a melodious harmony filled song by any means, but a happy noise none the less. Two hummers came diving in under my patio cover hollering at each other and dive bombing as if their lives depended on it. I don’t know of a noisier or more vicious critter for their size than a hummingbird. Of course all their squabbles amount to a hill of beans and in another minute they were both settled contentedly on our feeder having lunch together as if they had not a care in the world. We have an entire village of sparrows who have taken up residency in our yard this summer too and they are either totally quiet or they all talk at once. Right now they are talking and it must be quite a discussion because I can hear them loud and clear right through my office window.

Across the street somebody is mowing their lawn and running an edger along the curb. In another few minutes they will start the leaf blower. Those things break every noise ordinance in the book. You would think if we can put a robot on Mars, that we could make a leaf blower that didn’t announce itself to the entire block every time it is turned on!

The neighbor next door is putting on a new roof and the pounding and hammering is not conducive to toddler’s naptimes……or Chatty Grandma’s! I suppose that will go on for a day or two until the job is done. Thankfully they don’t work after dark!

Half way down the block they are putting in a new driveway (guess it is the week for home improvement around here) and the concrete truck is dumping its load of gray goo into the wooden forms. Another noisy racket, but it won’t last long.

The Chihuahua that lives next to that house is having a fit. He too breaks all noise ordinances once he gets going and he gets going several times a day and often half the night too. How so much noise can come out of one 4 lb. package of fur is laughable…..if it weren’t so irritating!

Of course today is also garbage day so the garbage trucks are making their weekly runs. They actually start about 7AM, so I have heard them off and on all day …..coming in from a distance, making their run down our street….and droning off into the distance again as they move farther and farther out of the immediate neighborhood.

Quiet around here! What am I talking about? The place is a cacophony of noise. A veritable orchestra of sound….and not in tune either! I need ear plugs! I need peace! I need quiet! Why oh why did I begin to listen?

Try it….you’ll find that you too most likely live in the middle of a hot summer afternoon’s jazz festival. Enjoy it though. Beats living on the moon any day!


Chatty Grandma





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