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Simple, inexpensive jewelry you too can make!

October 7, 2012

I made these four pendants a couple days ago. They took me about a half hour total and cost just a few cents over $10 including the bail and 22 inch antiqued brass rolo chain. You too can make these…..for your friends, enemies, dogs, cats, kid’s teachers, the postman, moms, sisters, aunties, grandmas, neices, etc. I plan to make a bunch to sell at the two upcoming holiday arts and craft shows that I will be participating in.

Everything you need for this project can be found and bought very cheaply at


Glass piece, pendant bail, decorative paper (for back of pendant) Image (printed on text weight computer paper), Fantastic Glaze & Glue, E6000 Multi-purpose Adhesive, scrap paper to work on


Small flat paint brush (1/4 – 1/2 inch), scissors

Choose two papers/images – one for the front and one for the back. Trim  each sheet just a tad larger than your glass piece. My pendants are all one inch squares. On the back of ont of the sheets, use a bruch to cover the entire surface with Fantastic Glaze & Glue. Glue it onto the back of the second sheet.

Place the glued sheets front side up on the scrap paper.

Squeeze  drops/puddles of Fantastic Glaze and Glue onto the back side of the glass piece. Make sure to squeeze in each corner and the middle of the glass. Lightly press the glass piece, Fantastic Glaze and Glue side down, onto the front side of the glued sheets. Do not allow the glass piece to slide around. Fantastic Glaze and Glue may ooze out the sides.

Use a dry brush to clean up the glue that may have oozed out.

Allow the Fantastic Glaze and Glue to dry. Touching the scissors to the edge of the glass piece, trim the excess paper off the glass piece.

With a dry brush apply a thin coat of Fantastic Glaze and Glue to the back of the pendant. Set aside to dry.

Apply a blob of E6000 Multi Purpose Adhesive to the back of the bail. Apply a second, very small dab onto the area whre the bail will touch the top of the pendant. Center and glue the bail onto the back of the pendant.

Let the bail dry at least 24-48 hours before wearing.

That’s it folks. Simple to make. Inexpensive materials. SO pretty holiday gifts for every female character on your list! So much nicer than a lump of coal!

Here’s to cool  fall afternoons, happy creating, and wonderful holiday bazaars.

Chatty Grandma



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  1. jeannie lindberg permalink

    Beautiful. I might just try this.

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